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​JEAN-FRédéric Schnyder. Apocalypso
as of 13.01.2022

It was a special attraction within the context of the exhibition “Dance Me to the End of Love”, which the Art Museum Graubünden 2020 devoted to the dance macabre: The large pictorial canvas Apocalypso by Jean-Frédéric Schnyder.

The scenery is stretched to a length of 12 meters, at the centre of which there is a circus scene dominating the events. The curtain, in front of which the figures take centre stage with their acrobatics, is drawn back to show on the left and on the right two visual worlds that could not possibly be more different and that appear like day and night with motifs of longing on the one hand and apocalyptic visions on the other. The pictorial motifs lined up in free association are derived from quite different image worlds. Jean-Frédéric Schnyder succeeds in combining these in a vast narrative flow. In doing so he constantly leads us from the large to the small and from the small to the large, we are thrown back and forth, skip from the one to the other until we risk becoming dizzy.

Today this monumental work by Jean-Frédéric Schnyder and Margret Rufener is in the Art Museum Graubünden as a deposit and is now being shown as a part of the collection together with a group of newly acquired preliminary drawings belonging to this picture.

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