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Museum d’art dal Grischun Cuira
Museo d’arte dei Grigioni Coira


The Art Association Graubünden began accruing an art collection in 1900. Today the Stiftung Bündner Kunstsammlung is responsible for the targeted acquisition of artworks to augment the museum’s holdings in keeping with its goals. In the meantime, the collection comprises around 8000 pieces from all areas of the visual arts spanning the 18th century through to the present. Since the Art Museum Graubünden was founded, its collection has been cultivated in a way that is geared to Graubünden’s specific cultural situation: this includes the characteristic alpine landscape as well as the interplay between emigration and tourism. Artists come and go, point out the exceptional around us, and bring the world to Graubünden. Various influential figures and movements shape the history of art in Graubünden, with the result that special thematic priorities have crystallized within the collection. But, in the domain of contemporary art, our collection likewise mirrors the multiplicity of art today.

With the extension to the Art Museum Graubünden we can now exhibit a representative part of the collection on a permanent basis. To bring more life into mountings of the collection, we explore options of regrouping artworks in new constellations. This makes it possible to not only zero in on individual works but to likewise present correlations in larger bodies of works or generate thematic contexts. In this way art can be experienced in manifold ways at the Villa Planta and our extension building. Parallel to our presentation of the collection, we regularly show temporary exhibitions at the Art Museum Graubünden. The exhibition programme further hones the profile of the museum. On a regular basis we offer our visitors the opportunity of viewing thematic group exhibitions besides our presentations of historical and contemporary artists. The collection itself and the artistic, cultural, and regional geography of the Art Museum Graubünden are key frames of reference for our temporary exhibitions.

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