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Linda Semadeni. Manor art prize Graubünden

Foto: Björn Allemann
In the exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden Linda Semadeni shows large format prints on two walls facing each other. They are based on a comprehensive drawing series from the year 2023. Underlying these drawings is a performative investigation. In each line, in every mark are Linda Semadeni’s movements. On several hundred sheets she breaks up word combinations into their fragments by contortion and repetition such as “I’m not a nice girl” or “I’m a hot nice girl”. Plastic, spray cans, fire, photo paper, hair, felt pens and bubble wrap are used. Unpredictability is the creative principle.

Starting from reproductions of these drawings the artist develops two new digital images. In each case an eye looks at us from the centre of the prints. Here too Linda Semadeni examines the transition between image and language when she incorporates the words “not” and “hot” into the prints. With these word varieties Linda Semadeni encircles the ambivalence of today’s world. She explores them as a symbol of collective patterns of thought, and questions our meritocracy. The word combinations “I’m not a hot nice girl” or “I’m not a nice girl” fuel expectations concerning body images, behaviour, role models or the pressure to succeed, and neutralises them at the same time. With her work Linda Semadeni asks the question, how our actions and thoughts are influenced and makes of her exhibition a platform for her reflections.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive publication with illustrations of the entire drawing series. The publication includes two texts by Alan Longino and Damian Jurt.



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