Art Association Graubünden

The Art Association Graubünden (Bündner Kunstverein) was founded in 1900. It has its headquarters in Chur and is a section of the Swiss Art Society (Schweizerischer Kunstverein). Its goal is to cultivate art in the town of Chur and in the canton Graubünden. Besides public funding (canton Graubünden), the Foundation Graubünden Art Collection (Stiftung Bündner Kunstsammlung BKS) and sponsors, the Art Museum Graubünden is dependent on further contributions if in the future it is still to continue fulfilling its role of promoting art in the form of exhibitions and publications. Because of the encouraging number of members who already belong to the Art Association Graubünden, the Art Museum Graubünden feels supported by the population in a fertile way and is thus inspired to pursue its goals.

With your membership you make a contribution to the preservation, promotion and advancement of art and culture in Graubünden.

Members of the Board
Thomas Spielmann, president
Alda Conrad, vice president 
Giorgio Cappellin
Zilla Leutenegger
Annatina Menn
Pius Tschumi


Iris Aschwanden
managing director
 +41 81 257 28 80

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