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Pascal Lampert. Art Prize Bündner Kunstverein 2021
12.12.2021 - 30.1.2022

Pascal Lampert (*1972) is the winner of the third Art Prize awarded by the Bündner Kunstverein. The grant includes a presentation as part of the Annual Exhibition as well as a comprehensive publication.

Pascal Lampert is known for his performative works, and up to now has realised numerous projects in art spaces, galleries and at performance festivals. In his art actions he moves through public spaces where he leaves behind fleeting watermarks on the asphalt. For this he builds objects using simple materials such as barrels, sponges or ropes and gives them, as oversized stamps, the function of tools. For the exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden he brings them together as independent objects in space for the first time. They become moveable sculptures, which generate sounds like the instruments of an orchestra. Their soundscape is composed of restrained scraping, humming and rushing caused by mechanical movements and sound recordings. Some are even made to speak. The performative history of the objects always remains noticeable. In the exhibition space the placing of the sculptures reminds one of a dysfunctional orchestra. The works face a podium, which is empty. The person directing is (still) missing, so it depends on the visitors to assume a new role and to interact with the objects. The functional objects become bizarre subjects that masterfully play their own symphony. And so, just like Pascal Lampert’s actions, the tAO (temporäres Aktionsorchester) is also of a fleeting nature, since after the exhibition the objects return to their original function.

Accompanying the exhibition is a richly illustrated catalogue issued by Edizioni Periferia with a conversation between Pascal Lampert and Damian Jurt as well as a contribution by Stephan Kunz.

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