Bündner Art

The Collection of the Art Museum Graubünden reflects the history of art in Graubünden since the end of the 18th century through to the present. In it you will not only find eminent individual masterpieces but also extensive bodies of works by famous Swiss and international artists such as Angelika Kauffmann, the Giacometti family, Andreas Walser, Alois Carigiet, Lenz Klotz, Matias Spescha, Not Vital, HR Giger, or Zilla Leutenegger. The collection also boasts works by artists who are in some way linked to the Canton of Graubünden, like Giovanni Segantini, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Varlin, Roman Signer, Heiner Kielholz, Richard Long, or Miriam Cahn.

Based on this collection focus we can demonstrate characteristic features of art in the region on the one hand and selections of individual approaches on the other, all of which decisively enhance Graubünden’s cultural landscape.