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Atelier rumantsch

The Art Museum Graubünden fosters language in a very special way through its art-education programme in Rhaeto-Romanic. The experiences of 6 to 12 year olds in viewing artworks and exhibitions and the related discussions enhance knowledge of their mother tongue. Subsequent to visiting the exhibition, the studio provides an opportunity for them to express their discoveries and what they experienced in the museum in visual and artistic terms. With the our art educator Alexa Giger (whose mother tongue is Rhaeto-Romanic).

Every two months on Wednesday afternoon, from 2 pm to 4 pm
Language: Romansh (sursilvan)
Fees: CHF 10.00
Booking: required

Insight into the Atelier Romansh
Il Minisgurad dad RTR ha visità l'Atelier rumantsch
(a partir da minuta 4:15)

Information and bookings

T +41 81 257 28 72

Vesair musica
Sco l'artist Corsin Fontana ans laschain nus inspirar da tuns esters per maletgs.
Data: ils 15 da settember 2021
Durada: da las 14 fin las 16

Serrar ils egls e respirar profundamain!
L'exposiziun LandLiebe na guardain nus betg mo cun ils egls, mabain er cun il nas. Cun tut ils senns lavurain nus er en l'atelier.
Data: ils 10 da november 2021
Durada: da las 14 fin las 16

Pertge e per co?
En l'exposiziun annuala respundain nus questas dumondas.
Data: ils 19 da schaner 2022
Durada: da las 14 fin las 16

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