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​Podcasts on works in the collection and on museum history

Here you can find free podcasts on selected works in the collection. Listen in according to your interests and find out things to know about particular works from different epochs and learn about the varied history of the two museum buildings.

Museum History

The history of the Villa Planta

The history of the Extension Building


Special Works from the Collection


Cuno Amiet
Selbstbildnis, 1895

Otto Dix
San Gian im Winter, 1938

Alberto Giacometti
Buste de Silvio, 1944

Alberto Giacometti
Landschaft bei Stampa, 1952

Alberto Giacometti
Komposition (Mann und Frau), 1927

Augusto Giacometti
Phantasie über eine Kartoffelblüte, 1917

Augusto Giacometti
Die Bar Olympia, 1928

Diego Giacometti
Chandelier à deux têtes de cheval et à cinq branches, 1951

Giovanni Giacometti
I figli della luce, 1913

Giovanni Giacometti
Primavera, 1901

Giovanni Giacometti
La madre, 1905

Angelika Kauffmann
Selbstbildnis, ca. 1784

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Blick auf Davos, um 1924

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Selbstbildnis, 1934/37

Lenz Klotz
Gräuling, 1957

Albert Müller
Mädchen in Bergwiese, 1925

Dieter Roth
Vom Rhein, 1970

Hermann Scherer
Mann und Weib, 1924

Giovanni Segantini/ Giovanni Giacometti
Le due madri, 1899/1900

Giovanni Segantini
Sul balcone, 1892

Mathias Spescha
Da mesa notg, 1961

Andreas Walser
Baigneurs (Am Strand), 1930

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