​​​​​The ART ASSOCIATION Graubünden
Membership awarded

Being a member and sponsor brings you close to art and the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur – and brings many advantages with it. You receive personal invitations to openings, events, and art tours; you enjoy free admission to the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur (and further Swiss museums and art houses) as well as discounts for special events and the museum shop; you can take pleasure in attending exclusive functions and events in which you have the opportunity of meeting and communicating with artists, experts, eminent people, or art enthusiasts.

Further information and registration


Einzelmitglieder (natürliche Personen)

CHF 90.-

Einzelmitglieder (juristische Personen)

CHF 300.-


CHF 150.-


CHF 50.-

Jugendliche (ab 16) und junge Erwachsene  
in Ausbildung bis 26

CHF 20.-

GönnerInnen - Einzelpersonen

ab CHF 500.-

GönnerInnen - Einzelpersonen +

ab CHF 1000.-

GönnerInnen - Einzelpersonen ++

ab CHF 5000.-


ab CHF 1000.-

Firmen-Gönnerschaft +

ab CHF 3000.-

Firmen-Gönnerschaft ++

ab CHF 5000.-


ab CHF 1000.-

Lebenslange Mitgliedschaft

ab CHF 10000.-