The Art Museum Graubünden has entered into a new era. The new museum building brings with it a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Its architecture not only redefines the position and autonomy of the Art Museum Graubünden in Chur’s urban landscape but also among Switzerland’s museums. And our new start is the ideal time to appeal to your commitment.

The self-image inherent in the exhibition and art-education programme as well as our public-relations policy goes hand in hand with the museum’s marked repositioning. The quality of our exhibitions aspires to international standards, and our art education department is pursuing new interactive formats. For this we are building networks in a more targeted way, not only as far as content is concerned but also in reaching out to the public. We have increased the number of our communications tools and their outreach, we are attracting a lot of attention at a national level, and have launched an exciting internet presence. Our communications and public relations are target-group oriented, creating numerous options for client-related events at one of the most innovative venues in Graubünden.

Our museum stands for the future, vitality, and exchange. Your commitment to the Art Museum Graubünden would mean that you can participate in our 2016/2017 new start and that, with your commitment, you would be making a meaningful contribution toward the museum’s continuing success.

Contact person for sponsoring
Stephan Kunz
Co-Director Art Museum Graubünden