Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur
Museum d’art dal Grischun Cuira
Museo d’arte dei Grigioni Coira

D​iscover on your own

CUC – The Discovery Plan
The discovery plan “CUC” (Romansh for “glimps”) is more than just a general plan. It sharpens the focus on the treasures of the museum and looks behind the scene of the museum operations. The “CUC” invites children age six and above, alone or in exchange with their parents, to discover, to wonder, and to learn. It leads children and families in a playful way through the museum extension and the Villa Planta. By observing, sketching and with quizzes the Art Museum Graubünden can be explored in a new way. The discovery plan is available in the three cantonal languages at the desk free of charge.

CUC – The Discovery Plan

Children’a City Plan
This city plan through the old part of Chur is a guide to the three cantonal museums. Along the way there is much to discover that is exciting and surprising. Upon arriving at the museum the discovery tour continues with games and quizzes.
The children’s city plan is free of charge and is available at the individual museums and at Tourist Information in the underpass of the railway station in Chur.

PDF Children’a City Plan
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