Department of Culture​

Cantonal museums are not a matter of course. The fact that we even have three of them in Graubünden is one of the things that make our canton unique. It shows that we place great value in what museums have to offer as places for introspection and reflecting on the world.

Because the cantonal ministry of culture has made the operations of the Art Museum Graubünden, the Rätisches Museum, and the Bündner Naturmuseum its business, this consciousness is reflected at the legislative level too.

For all three museums this is a privilege and challenging mandate. Their principal tasks are collecting, caring for, researching, and teaching about art. In fulfilling these goals they ultimately function as competence centres in their respective specialist areas and points of contact for the general public.

The Art Museum Graubünden is the property of the Canton of Graubünden, which ensures for the museum’s smooth operation via its Department of Culture.

Amt für Kultur