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Abraham David Christian. Beyond Language 

Ever since first participating as a 20 year old in the Documenta 5 in Kassel Abraham David Christian, born 1952 in Düsseldorf, has been an internationally active artist with studios in Düsseldorf, New York, Tokyo and for the last few years also in Chur. After his earthwork sculptures of the 70s, which were closely related to Minimal Art and Arte Povera, he has concentrated in his later work on projects using paper and cardboard and has cast these fragile creations in plaster or bronze. They are often arranged in work groups whereby each single object is characterised by its radical reduction. This is also true of his drawings, in which he oscillates back and forth between free forms and highly idiosyncratic ciphers. The exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden shows an overview of this artist’s work in a concentrated presentation attuned to the specific premises. In addition individual works by the artist are exhibited externally at selected sites in Graubünden.

The exhibition was conceived and arranged in close cooperation with the artist. A publication accompanies the exhibition with photographs by Gaudenz Signorell.
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