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Andrea Todisco. Bündner Kunstverein Art Prize 2023

Andrea Todisco (*1998) is this year’s winner of the Bündner Kunstverein art prize. He was born and grew up in Rhäzüns and concerns himself with the narrative power of elementary materials. In his solo exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden Andrea Todisco creates a space-filling installation of salt and metal pasture gates, which ties in with his work Anker und Erde (2022), with which he participated in the Annual Exhibition 2022/23.

In the Labor of the extension building a high mountain of salt towers up before our eyes. The salt spreads out across the floor, clearly unimpressed by the metal gates, which try in vain to establish boundaries on all sides. In the installation Salt and Gates (2023) Andrea Todisco questions in a visual-metaphoric way the powers of nature and its physical principles. At the same time he understands his work as a point where narratives come together and then drift apart again. For the initial development of this work he visited a saline at the seafront of Trapani in Sicily. With his installation he symbolically moves the salt from the sea into the mountains, and in this way creates a geographic counterpoint. Between these topographic extremes Todisco establishes a network of different semantic levels. He examines the relationship between internal and external, salt as a vital and at the same time life preventing mineral, and its relevance in cultural history as the basis of civilisations.

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