Since the mid-19th century the photographic medium has played a major role in the Canton of Graubünden, especially in conjunction with the emergence of tourism. Photography had its first heyday at the beginning of the 20th century when various Graubünden photographers, often inspired by the paintings of artists such as Ferdinand Hodler or Giovanni Segantini, exerted their talent as landscape interpreters and in this way created souvenir images that aspired to high artistic standards.

Above all, Albert Steiner must be mentioned in this context. The Art Museum Graubünden has an extensive body of his works at its disposal. Another key part of the photographic collection belongs to the works created around the same time by the Val Bregaglia photographic artist Andrea Garbald.

Contemporary artists merit special attention given the tradition of the region and the importance of photography as an artistic medium: Gaudenz Signorell, Guido Baselgia, Hans Danuser, Katharina Vonow, Jules Spinatsch, Florio Puenter, Andrea Good, and Ester Vonplon are among those represented in our collection with extensive bodies of works.