The Art Museum Graubünden is a place of encounters and exchange.

Exchange with partners is part of this in our eyes. Art is always also communication and a catalyst for conversations and discussions. It stirs our passions and calls for our judgment, makes us adopt an opinion, reconsider our views and convictions. To put it in a nutshell, art provokes debates about meanings as well as its beholders. Therefore art first becomes really interesting when we share and discuss it with others. We at the museum comprehend art as a social event.

For us partnership means to live this understanding of art, to exchange ideas and together gain experiences via art, stimulate our thought, enrich thinking and develop it further. We are committed to mutually pursuing this in partnerships. We wish to enhance what we have already achieved and are inquisitive about new things and developments. Most of all we like to pursue this line with partners who are equally committed.

Our partners

Stephan Kunz
Artistic Director
T +41 81 257 28 70