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FRAGILE. The Post's Art Collection in Dialogue

Beside Switzerland’s museum collections, there are major public art collections that are little known and hardly noticed by the general public. This includes the collection of Swiss Post, which goes back to the federal ordinance for the elevation and promotion of Swiss art, which has existed for approximately 100 years. Swiss Post in cooperation with Swiss museums is using this longstanding forwarding tradition as an occasion for giving insight into their comprehensive collecting activity. The Art Museum Graubünden is showing a selection of the Post’s works and presenting them in dialogue with the museum’s collection and with key loans. In doing so the focus is not only on the Post’s commitment to art but also on crucial notions concerning communication in a world that has become exceedingly fragile.

With: Joseph Beuys, H.R. Fricker, Andrea Garbald, Gabriela Gerber/Lukas Bardill, Christoph Gossweiler, Susan Hefuna, Jeanne Jacob, Douglas Mandry, Christian Marclay, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Guido Nussbaum, Ursula Palla, Maria Pomiansky, Ana Roldán, Christian Rothacher, Alex Sadkowsky, Karin Sander, Shirana Shahbazi, Roman Signer, Jules Spinatsch, Albert Steiner, Monica Studer/Christoph van den Berg, Christian Robert Tissot, Videocompany (Aufdi Aufdermauer/Karin Wegmüller), Hannes & Petruschka Vogel, Ester Vonplon, Herbert Weber, Clemens Wild, René Zäch

Opening hoursTu-Su 10.00–17.00 Th 10.00 – 20.00