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Lise Gujer

Lise Gujer gets to know Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos in 1922 and has her first try at making tapestries according to his designs. From then on there is a close cooperation between the two with few interruptions lasting up until Kirchner’s suicide 1938.
Beside the different versions of the individual weavings, the exhibition shows the unique groundwork, which gives us a differentiated view of the cooperation between Gujer and Kirchner. Numerous documents and records furthermore shed light on the artistic spirit that characterised this work.
The exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden, which is being developed in close cooperation with the Brückemuseum Berlin, tells the story of Lisa Gujer’s life and work from the perspective of the textile artist who takes up Ludwig Kirchner’s basic purpose in a congenial way and who in the years after his death continues the work independently.
Subsequent to the presentation in Chur the exhibition will be shown at the Brückemuseum Berlin.
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