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​giro annen
1.06. – 31 .08 2014

Since the mid 1970s Giro Annen (*1957 in Chur) who lives in Bern has been taking photographs of the same waterfall. What started as a possibility of expression for an inner feeling, has in the meantime given way to a more markedly documentary approach. In the mid 1980s Giro Annen starts to pay less attention to photography in favour of sculpture. At the end of the 1990s Giro Annen again takes up the topic of the waterfall. In three rooms of the Bündner Kunstmuseum he presents a cross section of his black and white photographs and a new waterfall work in the form of a slide projection specifically conceived for the exhibition as well as three concrete sculptures.

Opening: Friday, June 6, 2014, 6 pm
Introduction: Stephan Kunz, Director Bündner Kunstmuseum

A publication of the Edition Altelier Bern accompanies the exhibition. 

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