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Flurin bisig. at the seam of meaning

Flurin Bisig (*1982) currently lives and works in Glarus. After studying at the Lucerne School of Art and Design and the Berlin University of the Arts he lived in Brussels for quite some time. Bisig has hardly been taken notice of In Switzerland until now. However, his presence at the annual exhibition in Lucerne has resulted in his participation in the Swiss Art Award. The Graubünden Art Museum is giving the artist the opportunity to show his distinctive sculptural work to a larger public.

For the Graubünden Art Museum Flurin Bisig is going to create a new work group. The resulting sculptures, developed especially for the exhibition, are made of corrugated iron. Flurin Bisig sets these against a marble sculpture. To work with marble has been Bisig’s long-cherished wish. The different materials necessitate diverse working methods and thereby a different handling of sculpture and space. This tension is the point of departure for the exhibition.

Bisig works non-figuratively and explores how forms emerge and how as sculptures they influence our perception and our feelings for space. He is guided by the constructivists, however, he also incorporates many components of modern art and from architecture. Alongside his sculptural works Flurin Bisig has over many years developed an oeuvre using coloured paper, which he calls “Faltungen”. The seemingly graphic series, mostly shown framed, is a transfer of sculptural thinking into a two-dimensional form. At the Graubünden Art Museum Flurin Bisig shows both combined in a presentation, which bears reference to the exhibition space.

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