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​Martin Disler. the environment of love

The Solothurn artist Martin Disler (1949–1996) created the 140 m long, 4.40 m high canvas at the Württemberg Kunstverein Stuttgart in a singular action within only four nights: each night one painting measuring 35 meters in length! The monumental painting is Martin Disler’s most legendary work. It quickly became known and with it, its creator. The canvas has been in storage since the 1980s and many attempts to exhibit it have failed due to the lack of spatial possibilities. In 2007 the Gottfried Keller Foundation acquired the painting thereby signalling that this unique work is of national importance. In order to exhibit it, it needs particular spatial circumstances, which exist in a downright ideal way at the Graubünden Art Museum. Consequently the legendary painting can be shown in Switzerland for the first time. As a result the presentation at the Graubünden Art Museum is anticipated with great excitement. By what painterly force Martin Disler’s love-panorama unfurls will solely manifest itself in the actual space where it hangs. And given that, the sky’s the limit. Endlessly the bodies touch one another, flow into each other while at the same time asserting themselves in all intensity against one another. As spectators in the room, surrounded on all sides by this painting, we experience its radical inescapability.

With the presentation of this canvas the Graubünden Art Museum celebrates not only its anniversary but also participates in the exhibition circuit of the “Treasures of the Gottfried Keller Foundation” at the Swiss National Museum Zürich and at the MASI

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