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evelina cajacob. dancing differently

For more than 24 years Evelina Cajacob has been developing a subtle and multi-layered work, an overview of which is shown for the first time in this exhibition. Together with the artist we have made a selection of her work and have put together an exhibition that includes objects, drawings and video installations, and which extends over an area of eleven rooms of the Art Museum Graubünden. For this the specific architectural situation of the old and the new building is just as crucial as the fine interplay between the different mediums. A chronological order is hardly distinguishable. In fact, it is the focal points that manifest themselves around which Evelina Cajacob consistently moves: Thus there are thematic series with poetic drawings; there is the interest in materiality and textiles and the corresponding craftsmanship; however there is also the preoccupation with universal concepts of time, movement, repetition that manifest themselves in drawing processes as well as in action sequences of videos. And ultimately her interest in the line runs like a guiding thread through this work, which gives drawing a new dimension precisely because she does not limit herself to the medium of drawing.
In floating lightness the artist leads us through a fragile pictorial world, which concentrates itself on the elemental, and so equally touches the emotional and intellectual areas of our lives.

The exhibition has been conceived in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Bochum

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