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​Ludovica Carbotta. the telamones

Ludovica Carbotta (*1982) realises her first solo exhibition in Switzerland at the Art Museum Graubünden.
The Italian artist gets her inspiration from the works of the Giacometti-dynasty and from these she creates a new group of sculptures that refer to the concept of family. In the process she endows every sculpture with its own age by developing different scenarios and interpretations for a related sculpture. If we apply the notion of age to an imaginary sculpture, it is easy to imagine an old one. But what does a sculpture look like that corresponds to a young person or a child?

Ludovica Carbotta allows herself to be guided by her own memory and creates sculptures that communicate with each other by means of the use of signs and ornaments. As though the artist were giving time a physical form, the present, the future and the past stand next to each other in the exhibition as though they were members of the same family. In addition, when Ludovica Carbotta refers to the quotation by Jorge Luis Borges “Mirrors and copulation are abominable because they increase the number of humans” She questions the concept of family as a desirable form of relationship, examines its role in society and places it in association with aspects such as identity or self-determination.
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