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Markus Müller. Under renovation

The sculptural work by Markus Müller (*1970, CH) in the exhibition at the Art Museum Graubünden revolves around the potential of renovation, and sounds out the meaning of transition and the spaces in-between. Allegorically the Basel artist with roots in Graubünden creates an installation that reinterprets the exhibition space and makes it into an attic. Markus Müller builds an introspective site, an intimate space in which plans are made, (think-) models are conceived and memories are stored.

The Labor as exhibition space on the upper floor of the new building and its specific size is Markus Müller’s impulse for setting up a temporary attic. For this the artist installs a roof slope typical for attics. However, he does not case it with wood but overlays it with the natural fibre jute. At first glance the space evokes the typical features of an attic. The ceiling hangs low, the sloping roof constricts the view, the light is dim. At the same time the construction is exposed as a fake and thus reveals a central aspect in Müller’s work. In the artist book Rauch these sculptural questions are also brought into focus. The book is like a mirror of the exhibition; the medium sculpture is examined in relation to its history and its meaning in our society. For the first time he thus offers an insight into the basis of his sculptural work. In the interplay between exhibition and book the room becomes a stage on which the value of the decorative in our culture as well as the question concerning the nature of the artistic work process itself is negotiated.

The exhibition is accompanied by the artist book Rauch published by edition fink with essays by Katharina Dunst, Mohomodou Houssouba, Damian Jurt, AnnaÏk Lou-Pitteloud, Muda Mathis and Markus Müller.

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