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​hans danuser
dunkelkammern der Fotografie
03.06. - 20.08.2017

Hans Danuser EROSION V. Eine Bodeninstallation, 2000 - 2006, Fotografie auf Baryt
Hans Danuser was born 1953 in Chur. He belongs to the pioneers of contemporary photography in Switzerland. He became known internationally with his cycle IN VIVO (1980-1989). His works were shown in major solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. So far single work groups have stood in the foreground in each case. For the first time the exhibition at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur now shows an overview of the work. Beside the famous works such as IN VIVO, Frozen Embryo, Strangled Body and Erosion works are also shown from the early 1980s, which were done in Zürich and New York and which have never been seen. Exhibited for the first time is also the cycle Moving Landscape (Landschaft in Bewegung)//THE LAST ANALOG PHOTORAPH, which Hans Danuser has been working on for the last ten years and which have brought his photographic experiments to a high point.
The exhibition shows impressively how Hans Danuser makes a significant contribution to the “reinvention of photography” as artistic medium and how he put his stamp on its development down to the ultimate gimmicks of analogue photography. He has always seen his work as context-related with regard to the chosen topics, as well as media-specific research. In doing so he proves himself a master craftsman who ultimately makes light in its finest nuances, shadow areas, grey zones and transitions to the subject of his photographic images.
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