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​Fokus grafik. Collection presentation

In the graphic art gallery of the historic Villa Planta under the title “Fokus GRafik” works on paper by artists from Graubünden take centre stage. The Bündner Kunstmuseum has a significant collection of graphic works from the canton Graubünden. These include outstanding works on paper by the internationally famous artist family from the Bergell with Giovanni Giacometti and his son Alberto as well as the distant relative Augusto Giacometti. Also part of the graphic collection are extensive work groups by Andreas Walser, Leonhard Meisser and Anny Meisser-Vonzun, Alois Carigiet or Lenz Klotz. Furthermore, the Bündner Kunstmuseum holds nearly the entire graphic oeuvre by Matias Spescha and Martin Balzer. Equally well represented and documented is the contemporary work on paper by Evelina Cajacob, Corsin Fontana, Zilla Leutenegger, Gaspare Melcher, Not Vital or Thomas Zindel. This collection presentation offers not only an overview of graphic art from Graubünden since 1900 but also opens up new perspectives and dialogues, which extend the classically handed down concept of graphic art.
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