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​​​​Passion. images of the hunt

There is no other canton in Switzerland where the hunt is so completely present in the public eye as it is in Graubünden. For the first time the Art Museum Graubünden is now awarding it a large exhibition, which however, reaches far beyond Graubünden itself. It enquires about constancy and change in the representation and interpretation of the hunt as a diverse, universally widespread cultural technique, and considers the regionally well-rooted topic in the context of internationally significant art.

The hunt has always meant a lot more than the simple procurement of food or the defence against food competitors. Huntable animals belong by far to the earliest motifs in painting and sculpture. The exhibition reflects on the hunt, on hunters and the hunted, on how they are perceived and depicted from antiquity up to the “animal turn” of today. It addresses the mythological superstructure from Artemis and Diana to Saint Hubertus. It tracks down the concurrence of Eros and Thanatos, shows the hunt as an arena of power, illustrates the meaning of trophies, asks after the wilderness as a place of longing. The “Images of the Hunt” presented in the exhibition reflect – without encyclopaedic aspiration – different conceptions and manifestations and thereby confirm a basic constant of the hunt: It transports images and stories.

The exhibition shows works by: Judith Albert, René Auberjonois, Balthasar Burkhard, David Chancellor, Jean Siméon Chardin, Carl Friedrich Deiker, François Desportes, Adolf Dietrich, Mark Dion, Albrecht Dürer, Susanna Fanzun, Marc-Antoine Fehr, Carlee Fernandez, Marcantonio Franceschini, Caspar David Friedrich, Franz Gertsch, Anne Golaz, Alex Hanimann, Carl Wilhelm Hübner, Christian Jankowski, Jacob Jordaens, Paul Klee, Pierre Klossowski, Max Liebermann, Anne Loch, Robert Mapplethorpe, Guy Oberson, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Turo Pedretti, Pablo Picasso, Éric Poitevin, Florio Puenter, Markus Raetz, Peter Paul Rubens, Ernst Georg Rüegg, Erik Schmidt, Roman Signer, Andreas Slominski, Gerda Steiner/Jörg Lenzlinger, Félix Vallotton, Not Vital, Jan Weenix, Caspar Wolf, Verena Zoller.
In addition there are selectes cultural-historical objects.

Opening hoursTu-Su 10.00–17.00 Th 10.00 – 20.00