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Fotoszene graubünden
in der photobastei zürich
​17.04. – 05.05.2014

The Photobastei is a high rise building in the centre of Zürich put to temporary use. It has been made available for photography until the end of August 2014 and offers space for different exhibitions on 7 floors. The Bündner Kunstmuseum is introducing the project FOTO SZENE GRAUBÜNDEN in the Photobastei.

The project FOTO SZENE GRAUBÜNDEN of the Bündner Kunstmuseum initiated in 2010 reflects the rich photographic work in and from Graubünden and is set up as a longer term research project, consisting of a website, exhibitions, events and publications. The corresponding collecting activities of the Kunstmuseum also contribute to establishing Graubünden as an attractive place for the exchange of ideas on photography. With the exhibition in the Photobastei the Bündner Kunstmuseum introduces the project FOTO SZENE GRAUBÜNDEN.

Graubünden is a rich storehouse of photography, the historical origin of which lies in the propagation of scenic beauty for tourism. The photographers of today are far from concentrating on images of intact mountainscapes, even though the tourism canton of Graubünden is still perceived in this way. The pictorial rendering of this special cultural region covers an enormous spectrum. This ranges from the unusual nature studies by someone like Guido Baselgia via spectacular landscape photos as those by Nicola Pitaro and Arno Hassler to the keen observations on agricultural or touristic use of the land (Gerber/Bardill, Jules Spinatsch). Likewise represented are positions that explore the medium photography in an experimental way such as those of Gaudenz Signorell, Dominique Teufen or Esther Vonplon and a high degree of abstraction is also reached (Hans Danuser, Bianca Brunner). The distinctiveness of this exhibition lies in showing the broad scope of the medium photography, whereby the main emphasis is less on the applied than on the artistic area. The fact that contemporary photography of Graubünden permanently exceeds the boundary of its own region and subject matter is self-evident. In this cultural area swarming out traditionally constitutes a deeply rooted trait that is experiencing a new dimension in our globalised age. Thus Stephan Schenk in his conceptual series takes us on a journey to different vistas seen from hotel rooms all over the world, while Kurt Caviezel collects webcam images at his home from around the world.

With the exhibit FOTO SZENE GRAUBÜNDEN in the Photobastei the Bündner Kunsmuseum presents the project with the web platform www.fotoszene.gr.ch and a selection of photographers: Andrea Badrutt / Guido Baselgia / Bianca Brunner / Kurt Caviezel / Hans Danuser / Gabriela Gerber und Lukas Bardill / Arno Hassler / Gian Paul Lozza / Nicola Pitaro / Florio Puenter / Stephan Schenk / Gaudenz Signorell / Jules Spinatsch / Dominique Teufen / Ester Vonplon

Opening: Thursday, April 17, at 7 pm
Welcome and introduction: Dr. Katharina Ammann, Curator Bündner Kunstmuseum

Opening hoursTu-Su 10.00–17.00 Th 10.00 – 20.00