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​​Labor: Andreas Walser

Andreas Walser (Chur 1908-1930 Paris), Baigneurs (Am Strand), 1930, Öl auf Leinwand, 130 x 162 cm
Andreas Walser (1908 – 1930) is an extraordinary phenomenon within the art world of Graubünden. For many decades his name was virtually hushed up. After growing up in Chur as the son of a pastor, the 20-year-old artist was drawn to the art metropolis Paris. As he said himself he wanted to become utterly and completely French. In Paris he quickly found access into the art world, met Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Klaus Mann, René Crevel, Maurice Tabard, Colette and other personalities on the art and literary scene. He worked obsessively, often under the influence of drugs, and was soon able to show some works and also to sell them. And yet he felt drawn to Graubünden again and again, to his boyhood friends and to his fatherly friend and role model Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. In March 1930 Andreas Walser died in Paris not yet 22 years old under unsolved circumstances.

The exhibition conceived together with the musician Vera Kappeler would like to open up new avenues to this artist from Chur. Devised as a trans-disciplinary project, the exhibition will be shown in the “Laboratory” of the new Bündner Kunstmuseum, an open space for experimental exhibition projects, performances, participation and discussion.
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